Preparing for Dunwich Dynamo


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Just curious, if you ever did the Dunwich Dynamo, did you prepare for it in any particular way? I'm thinking of taking this challenge this year, but I haven't done many long rides (longest one was London to Brighton). My overall stamina is quite good, I cycle roughly 21 miles every day, but I was wondering if I should do some extra long rides before embarking on the overnight ride to the coast.


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Never done the Dynamo before but I've signed up for it as part of a general plan to do some longer challenges.

As for training, not much - I did my first 50miler last week. The most I've cycled before then was about 30 miles max and I do semi-regular trips to work.

I'm signed up for the Norwich 100 in a couple of weeks time and have an idea for a 60ish miler today. Hopefully I'll be ready for the Dynamo!
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