Prescription cycling specs

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I could do with some, no idea where to start- any recommendations? £100-150 ish.

Edit: Just spotted "accesories and clothing"!

Still, I'll leave it here..

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I've never heard anyone say anything bad about:

I haven't used them myself, but on the old C+ site, ASC1952 was a huge fan.


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Yes, Optilabs was often mentioned at The Other Place as being a good option.

Prescription Glasses or Prescription Inserts? I favour Inserts. I have a pair of Bolle Micro Edge which are about fifteen years old. Last time I needed a new prescription (about five years ago) it only cost me £45 to have the inserts re-glazed, as opposed to the £100+ it might then have cost to have a new set of glasses made up.

I haven't noticed any real problem with fogging - at least compared to standard glasses; only real disadvantage is in heavy rain when you get a lot of water between the lenses - though nothing that a good vigourous head-shake can't clear.
I have used bolle with insert and found them to very good - however if you can afford them oakley Ms with the lenses built into the shield are absolutely brilliant - unfortuently I need varifocals and now will be going for the rudy project with spectacle insert
I am investing in the Rudy Project RX for my present glasses, butthe high street opticians are very reluctant to discuss or deal with the project.

I must admit I am being picky wanting varifocal, but surely it isn't as difficult as the opticians are making out?


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^ it is actually very difficult sometimes. Depends on the frame and measurements and your position and stuff.

Not sure I would want to do you varifocals - the distortions would be very hard to deal with in the funny position you'd be on a bike - they're designed for you to wear while fairly upright.

I came across a company a few months ago who specialise in sports glasses - they have a list on their website of all the frames they can do and it is very comprehensive. You have to take tons of complicated measurements and then they compensate for the curvature of the lens and your face and all the other stuff - but they are extortionate - like £400 for varifocals if I remember right.

Supposed to be very good though.


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Update -

Had a flyer posted through the letterbox this morning - TESCO are selling prescription sports glasses in some of their stores - jumped in the car and traveled to the nearest one with an optician.

Wait for it - £40 including prescription insert and free eye test. The ones I chose only come with one lens - went for smoke coloured but the lens does flip up, leaving the insert for you to see through if necessary. I think most models aren't interchangeable, but for £40 including the prescription, I won't complain.
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