Presta Pumps

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I need a Presta pump to take with me on longer trips as a back-up (in addition to a a gas powered) but there are so many on the market. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally it should be small and as light as possible.


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I have a Barbieri Carb 1. It is small and light. Unlike many other mini-pumps it can easilly fill a tyre up to 8-10 bars.


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Colne, Lancs
HLaB said:
There's quite a good review on all types of pumps in this month C+, can't remember which one they said was best though. I was disappointed they didn't review my Topeak Micro, its definitely small and light but can it get up to 160psi they claim?

the answer is that yes, it probably does go up to 160psi, but you'd probably need both patience and a lot of strength. You'd be going for a heck of a long time to get anywhere near that pressure.
Personally, I have a blackburn airstick, which I have used on my mtb tyres and works well (It claims to get up to 120 psi by the way), but haven't had to use it at higher pressure yet, as I haven't had a puncture since getting it.


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I carry a mini works...but I think my tennis elbow was caused by trying to pump up two tyres to get to a decent guage though.
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