Presta vs Schrader


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I have 4 inner tubes currently.

2 I am currently using are slime filled BikeHut tubes with schrader valves, I got these a while back before getting a dual fitting bike pump and my road tyres. (Was getting lots of punctures)

2 are Continental tubes that came with the tyres with Presta vavles, they are currently my spares.

My question is this, which should I use and will the presta valves be ok in the slightly larger hole on my wheel rim. Also what advantages does Presta have over Schrader and visa versa.

The Presta tubes don't have slime in as far as I can tell and appear to be a little lighter.
An article on the subject by Jobst Brandt

But as Lee says, no real difference, it is a matter of personal preference if any. Personally I prefer Presta.


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I prefer presta.

advantage as far as I can tell is that schreada need a pump that opens up the valve in order to let air on - if you are on the trial and your pump is not able to seal properly, then you will let down your tyre as opposed to pumping it up.

presta work by having the pressure of air push the valve open so the above is much less likley to happen.


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You find that road bikes have traditionally used presta, and the MTB market has espoused schrader, where you could use a car foot pump, or even use a power air pump at the petrol station (not advised because it is easy to over-inflate).
Presta are more fiddly and you can damage or bend the central pin. Schrader are much more robust.
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