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When i log in, my profile picture at the top left of my screen isnt me, its a picture of a woman, i dont mind as she aint to bad to look at and all that but i think my misses might shout at me for trying to pretend im female.

When i check previous posts my picture is normal, and i have just posted and it looks normal to! i refreshed my cache but this didnt help.

Any suggestions?
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You're lucky. My pick has gone completely.


There are two images associated with a user account - Avatar (appears in forums next to your posts) and Profile Picture (which is only shown on your profile).

I'm not sure how your profile picture has changed - possibly a glitch in the transfer process? - but you should be able to change it easily enough in your account settings.

If it had happened to hundreds of people then that would be particularly worrying, so let's see if anyone else reports it.

Shaun :biggrin:
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