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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by LabRatt, 9 Aug 2012.

  1. LabRatt

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    Sarf lundin
    That first week, thanks to bad weather, cowardice, and scheduling problems, I only took the bike to work once. The following week I managed three times. Three days last week too, plus a 25+ mile club ride on Thursday evening. On Friday I rested.

    Which brings me to today: my fourth day of riding to work this week, and my eleventh in total. I'm even planning another club ride tonight, and to do it again tomorrow!

    It's been interesting to watch my progress on Strava. Every day there's an "achievement", and a new PR most days, and I've shaved 5 minutes off my morning commute already! My average (moving) speed is almost 14mph in the morning, though I think that's more to do with getting better on the descent into Dulwich than the climb from Penge. Getting home is getting quicker too, though there seems to be a permanent headwind on College Road/Fountain Drive. And I've discovered that hills don't get easier. Maybe it's just me doing something wrong, but the hills are always the same I-don't-think-I'm-going-to-make-it experience, they just seem to be getting shorter...

    I'm actually more impressed by the progress Strava doesn't show. My fitness is clearly improving as I'm pretty much recovered before I step into the shower now. I seem to be actually gaining weight rather than losing it, but that's starting from 9 1/2 stone and it's obvious where the extra weight is going - muscle tone seems to be improving all over, though obviously it's most noticeable in my legs. It's all happening so much faster than I expected.

    The other day my wife said she'd like to try riding to where she works at the weekend. This isn't because she's seen how much I enjoy it (though she has noticed that) but because she doesn't want to get the bus. Until I started riding I was dropping her off on the way to work, and as during school holidays I don't have to be at work until nine I've been able to carry on giving her a lift, but head home and swap to the bike instead of continuing to work. When term starts again (oh, I work in a school, btw) I'll have to start at eight and that won't work, so she thinks that maybe she'll cycle in too. I'd been assuming I'd be riding in only on days she wasn't working (usually only Mondays) so that was a nice surprise.

    So, making progress and having fun. Seeing a few regular faces along the way, and not having too much trouble with idiots in cars.
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  2. Jdratcliffe

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    Redhill, Surrey
    first of - nothing gets easier you just get faster to quote a famous rider! - secondarily well done !
  3. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    well done. hills are still hard but i love them!! i just need to lose quite a bit of weight to get up them quicker!!!
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