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Well I have been "at it" regularly for a few weeks now and have done three 20 milers at the weekends and a couple of 12 milers each week in the venings when the weather has been ok. I am planning to do thirty miles next weekend and to get up to fifty by the end of the summer.

My escapades started on my old Raleigh 1995 mountain bike with slicks, featured in another thread, and last weekend I took delivery of my Triban 3.

Whilst I have no doubt in the last few weeks my technique and fitness has improved because of practice, on June 23rd I did 20.67 miles in 1hr 56mins, av speed 10.67 mph on the Raleigh, whilst the same ride yesterday was done in I hour 27mins av speed 14 mph on the Triban.

Amazing difference better gear makes.


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The Triban is a great bike, glad you're enjoying it.


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Well done, keep at it and you'll only get better/faster.

That must've been a real boost of enjoyment with a half an hour better PB :thumbsup:
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