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Hi, would like to hear your thoughts on the prototype of my product, Torque. It is a storage for items, like phones, when cycling and it sits in a water bottle cage.
Loch side.
What problem does it solve?

Don't see it as a cynical question. It is the first question you should always ask yourself when creating something for commercial manufacture. It is also the first question any investors and patent attorneys will ask.
Simple [one compartment] tool bottles/caddys already exist by the score. I own a couple and use them regularly both for road and MTB.

The USPs of your version is where it differs from these, namely...

Wee lid compartment
Internal divider
Torx closure

The first couple would be too limiting in what I could fit inside and how I would pack those times - eg Road and MTB inner tubes. As not everything would fit perfectly there would no doubt be some lost/unusable space and, more annoying, some rattling unless I was to add extra packing. Zip Top plastic bags pack up spare space, stop rattles, and are adaptable to that spare space.

The torx closure is unnecessary if the lid fits correctly/securely, and the wee nub protruding into the cavity would annoying/limiting in use. Furthermore having to carry a tool just to get into the storage is questionable. If the overall idea is to reduce the number of item carried in jersey pockets, then I already have a torx bit on my multi-tool, which would be inside the bottle.

One omission is the lack of recess for the bottle cage to clip into and retain the the caddy in usage. Without one it will jettison every time you hit a decent surface defect.

A nice try, but IMO it's answering a problem that doesn't exist... not for me anyway.

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
Where would I fit my water bottles if this is taking up that space? Would a phone not vibrate to bits inside that? It would need some vibration absorbing foam to protect the phone. Remove the locking mechanism, just one more thing to lose, and it does not stop someone nicking what loooks like a water bottle from the outside.



This is a link to a questionnaire about my product above, for my quantitative research
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