ProTour Pundit 2015 *no spoilers please*

I hope @smutchin does not mind me starting this thread, I'm quite happy to do the arranging and adding but also happy enough for him to carry on as per previously.

**New players most welcome - feel free to join in and ask anything that I have not explained well enough to understand**

Roolz the same as last year (maybe with some additional randomness thrown in which will be announced prior to any race):

Teh Roolz

Predictions to be submitted either via this thread to the forum or by personal message to me by Midnight (UK time) the night before the stage/race.
One prediction per stage/race.
One prediction for overall winner for multi-stage races. One prediction for each of the other major classifications (to be announced per race).
One prediction for lanterne rouge for multi-stage races.
Same rules apply to team events (ie team time trials) but make your prediction for a team rather than an individual.
No penalties for not making a prediction in any race.
Points will be collated and published occasionally in a league, updated as and when I get round to it.

For each stage/race result, points as follows:
1st: 5pts
2nd: 2pts
3rd: 1pt

In multi-stage races, for each overall win and other classifications, awarded at the end of the final stage:
1st: 10pts
2nd: 5pts
3rd: 2pts
Lanterne rouge: 25pts

Other points awarded in special circumstances:
Rider finishes 5th on a wet weather stage (at judge’s discretion): 13.7pts

Prize for first place in the league at the end of the season: the undying esteem of your peers. Plus maybe some inexpensive cycling-related prize if I can think of something suitable. I have a cycling book that nobody seems to want so that might get sent to the last place pundit :smile:

And please no spoilers, keep those for the race chat threads.

The Races I plan to include are:
Milan-San Remo
Amstel Gold
Fleche Wallone
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First up is Paris-Nice, starting on Sunday 08.03.15
8 stages, 20 teams

Pick one rider per stage

Classifications are:
Yellow for overall winner
Green for points
Polka dot for mountain
White for young rider
Lantern Rouge for last rider

Official site here:


I have the book from last year which I read and did offer to the two runners up in last years comp. DM me if you want it, if not I'll list it on the free/exchange pages next week
@User - you wanting to have a lantern rouge pick?
To save myself the effort of scoring, I have decided to pick this lot*:
GC - Gallopin
Green - Bouhanni
Polka - Moinard
White - Bardet
LR - de Kort
Prologue - Chavanel

Subject to them riding, so it may change
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