PSA Channel 5 Secret Scotland


Did it?


Rain magnet.
Costa Clyde.
Great :rolleyes:, more unspoilt bits of Scotland about to be spoilt by thousands of visitors. As was the case with the North Coast 500, which used to be a hidden gem until someone decided to publicise it. Isle of Skye was another....
I hope no-one tells them about Galloway forest park, one of the nicest parts of Scotland and would save visitors a long drive!
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Too late Brandane. The tourist board are trying to push Route77 which covers everything west and north of Dumfries. I used to spend a lot of time based at Garlieston before it got gentrified. I have now moved to a different area which I have not explored much by bike but it remains secret as long as possible.


No, worse the presenter went round in a mini, gave up on it half way through.
Last time I went round it was off season and a pretty rotten day and you really couldn't even see the other side of the car Park from the view point and I met a couple of Japanese cyclists which made me very envious. I reckon I would need an ebike before tackling it.
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