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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by mr_cellophane, 27 Jun 2008.

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    As most accidents seem to be reported in this section -

    I renewed by Household Contents insurance this week and changed companies. I therefore spent a bit longer than usual reading the small print. The section on PLI caught my eye. I have just spent most of the afternoon getting confirmation that any accident caused by my negligence which I have using my bike for pleasure (ie not racing) is covered up to £2m. An example used was that if I wobble and scratch a car door, they will pay. No extra charge this is a standard clause in the policy. I have to pay extra to insure my bike against theft though.
  2. Tim Bennet.

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    That's pretty normal on a household policy. If you put together all the members of the CTC, TCA, RTTC, Audax UK, etc, who have third party insurance as part of their membership, together with all home owners with such policies, it puts an end to the lie by the car lobby that 'cyclists don't have insurance'. Most cyclists have the same minimum third party insurance as is the legal requirement for car drivers.

    I believe there are more uninsured car drivers these days than uninsured cyclists.
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    Household insurance 3rd party cover (regarding cyclists) is a regular and practically endless 'debate' between various transport/driving/motoring groups and uk.rec.cycling on news groups. It's a laugh a minute watching (some) motorists trying to prove that very few cyclists have 3rd party cover - despite some cyclists quoting directly from policy documents ;).
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