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Ive only been using my road bike to commute for two weeks now and already im having problems with punctures?

The tyres are Vittoria Zaffiro 700x25c

Whats the easiest way to deal with them? Spare tubes, repair kits, tubeless conversions or puncture proof tyres???


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What sort of punctures are you having? I have the same tyres on my hack and have hardly any problems. If you are commuting on a daily basis then it is a good idea to check you tyres as often as you can as tiny bits of flint, glass etc can stick to tyres and work their way in, especially after any rain. It's worth getting into the habit of checking at the end of the day.

A spare tube and C02 is the quickest way to deal with punctures.
Puncture proof tyres don't exist Though many people will recommend Marathon Plus tyres as being pretty bombproof.

On my commuter I run with Armadillo Elites and have very few/punctures problems. (2 in 6 months)
I'd also add that the pressure should be high in the tyres, Dinger...are you using a track pump? Depending on your weight of course. I'm unlight :rolleyes: and run my tyres at 120psi or thereabouts / 8 Bar. It helps keep pinchy bits at bay and obviously gives a 'faster' ride.


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Is the pressure correct cos if low you run risk of snake bite (not cider and lager unfortunately;)) p*nct*r*s.
I had a friend who kept getting punctures. It turned out the rim tape which was plastic with a recess for the spokes had been put on upside down so the recess with 2 sharp edges were cutting into the tube.
I always carry spare tube, slime skabs and pump. CO2 you can only use once can't you? I've been lucky not had a thingy whatsit happen for quite a while. Only when I put tyre on wrong way and had to turn it round and must have nipped the tube:blush:.


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Does anyone have any suggestions for putting the tyre back on withous scracthing your rims?
I have lovely back wheels on my Bianchi and using the lever tool (which eventuall snapped as it is plastic) I had difficulty doing the last bit and have scratched my wheels. I would like tips to prevent this in future.
>Whats the easiest way to deal with them? Spare tubes, repair kits,
>tubeless conversions or puncture proof tyres???

Easiest way to deal with punctures is not to have them. I find Specialized All Condition Armadillos are the complete solution.


I use lightweight race tyres on both my bikes Conti 4000s and am doing about 1000km a month. I will get a puncture roughly every 3-4000km. I genuinely think that pressure is the answer - and keeping out the gutter.


it's as much about rider weight, riding style, routes and a lot more beside as tyre choice

spare tube every time, fix the holed one when you get home, a decent pump gets it all up again plenty quickly
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