Puntures per miles ...who has the best ratio?

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I've done about 4,000 miles since I last had a puncture.


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Dont get me started....probably 6 or 7 punctures in the last 1500 miles. Last time i went out for a long ride, over 100km, i made it to within 500 yards of my house puncture free. Then, not one, but BOTH tyres punctured at exactly the same time, I have no idea what did it, can't find anything lodged in the tyres and its only very small punctures, but boy was I p*****d off.

So that makes my ratio one puncture per 250 miles, which sounds about right with the luck i've had recently.


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Probably something like 1 puncture in 3000 miles. At a rough guess.


Your tricycle, the red one with Bob the Builder on, has solid tyres. That's why you don't get punctures.

Bugger, you beat me to it!! :becool::biggrin:!:biggrin:


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Bromley, Kent
Best I've seen on a club run is 5 puntures in the space of 150 yards. and one of us had 3 puntures in that time, And i got my first rear punture this year in 4 years of cycling
alecstilleyedye said:
don't know the milage, but only 2 punctures in 1.5 years commuting every day plus out at the weekends.
That's another poor fool on the Fairy's list....:becool:


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Four in the last last 2 rides each about 30 odd miles so currently running at 1 every 15 and a bit miles or so.
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