PUSH Chainring Guard 42-44t Black

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by chemswot, 22 Apr 2010.

  1. chemswot

    chemswot New Member

    I'm loving my bike and use it practically everyday when I need to go somewhere. However, I'm not liking the (admittedly small) hassle of tucking in my trousers and laces.

    Is something like this worth it? Also, would it be suitable for a triple chainset? Does it interfere with the derailleur, or would it be ok? Lastly, is it straightforward to fit?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    I just ripped one of my latest bike, and was stunned to see them on the hooks in my LBS today. Fugliest piece of carp I've ever seen bolted to a bike.

    I can't see how they will stop you snagging your trousers. that is what socks or trouser clips (£2), or a 'proper' chainguard are for. ymmv.
  3. OP

    chemswot New Member

    Is a proper chainguard possible to fit with a front derailleur?

    Perhaps I should grin and bear it. It'll be shorts weather soon anyway (now even, at least in London). Was just curious about it...
  4. Those guard rings do very little to stop trousers touching chain and getting greasy, but they may just about stop your trousers getting caught up in it.
    Folding velcro trouser clips will fold up and go invisibly into your back pocket are probably your best bet, or as you say, it'll be shorts time soon anyway!
  5. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    Yep, a couple of companies make them, hard to find, bit of a faff to fit, and your chain ring selection has to suit the guard.

    Halfords will sell you a snappy trouser clip or you could get a nice leather brooks one for your tweeds.
  6. Yorkshireman

    Yorkshireman New Member

    Available in two sizes. Google 'chainguard' for other options.
  7. rusky

    rusky CC Addict

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