Quad locks.

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Crikey! Where did you park your Tardis Sharky?
Map reading is a lost art

Probably not for the primary demographic of this forum….


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I have Quadlock with the "out-front" mount so you can see the route but GPS with screen on eats up battery life. I've now switched to turn-by-turn voice commands using RWGPS with screen off. Map is downloaded so it can work offline. Lasts the whole day with the screen off.

I've crashed the bike (crap roads in Greece). The phone in the quadlock case was undamaged. The mount was a bit bent and had to be replaced but on the whole the quadlock did what it promised to do - protected the phone and stayed on the bike. It's now a staple item and the case will be changed if I change the phone model. All the mounts (one for each bike) can be reused.

Initially expensive but worth it over the longer term.
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