Queen.....Days of our lives


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Anybody else watch the documentary on BBC 4 Sunday 10.30. Just watched it on catch up. A good insight and also quite sad.


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
I've got the second part recorded and haven't had time to watch it yet. First part was excellent.


Of their time? Would this be the 70s, the 80s or the 90s?
Or the 2010s? Took my daughter to see Queen + Adam Lambert (or perhaps she took me) at the O2 last night. Mind you, considerably more of the audience were my generation than hers, not to mention those who, as she puts it, were "old the first time round".


I loved Queen back in the day,who better than Queen for Highlander etc
ive got tuns of video's and no video...but I just bought the new cd with new old tracks on it ,good as usual..
Film themes and scores are almost by chance.....

Mike Oldfield got a big break when the Exorcist used Tubular Bells

A few years later William Freidkin directed and produced a film called the Sorcerer with Tangerine Dream performing the soundtrack

He later said that if he had heard Tangerine Dream a few years earlier they would have scored the Exorcist
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