Questions for Restrap Seat Pack owners


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After getting advice from this forum, and some chopping and changing, my wife settled on the 8 litre Restrap Seatpack - seems well made and the holster/bag system is really useful. I’ve also been impressed by the fact that the arrangement appears to be rock solid - almost no sway at all. By contrast, I used to have the Ortlieb seat pack, and although very high quality it was a bit tedious to remove and attach. It also had a fair amount of sway.

I’m now actually thinking about getting the larger 14 litre holster and bag for my own bike, but wanted to check a few things with current owners.

1. Is the 14l pack stable or is there some sway?

2. Why is the strapping on the underside of the holster, and is it useful?

3. The Restrap dry bags seem a little bit flimsy - has anyone changed them for other brands?


Mark pallister

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I had one and sent it back ,swayed all over the place and drove me mad
I don’t think it’s specific to the restrap i think they will mostly all be the same
not for me
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