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Accy cyclist

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Ok,i'll start off. Can you put cheese in a casserole? I've made a casserole,or a stew whatever you want to call it. I have a few small blocks of cheese which need eating soon before they go off. I'm thinking about putting some cheese into the thing. As i post i don't expect many,if any replies at this time of night,but for future reference is it ok to do so? 🤔




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Absolutely. I like a splash of Worcestershire Sauce too.
Accy cyclist

Accy cyclist

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I would grate the cheese then sprinkle over the casserole when cooked then give it a shot under the grill.
I don't have a grill,as in a overhead one. I'm thinking more put the cheese in,then it turns into a kind of cheese sauce. The casserole/stew has a tablespoon of medium curry powder in. Curried that allowed?🤔
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Looks a good, robust meal.

How was it?
Too robust, he's disappeared!


My experience is that the cheese is better stirred in at the end, as the stew is cooling. As mentioned, it will not work well if the stew is too hot. Not sure about freezing it either.

I'm not a cheese fan but mango chutney on top of cheese on toast is a game changer.
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