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While on a very successful Cheer Me Up visit to Manchester Art Gallery this morning one of my favourite bits was the restoration section where they are restoring a git big painting. They are doing this in full view of the public and it's very much an ongoing process. Restorers have saturdays off though.

They've put out blank cards asking for questions from punters and have hung some of them and the answers to one side.

i) Why does paint smell so bad?

ii) Why does painting take so long?

iii) How long does it take to paint the seaside?

and my favourite :-

iv) When does this gallery close? :eek: :blush:

p.s. I did cycle today as well - got the magical 1600 miles on the pooter on my workhorse (new 8th dec 2006). Nice trip along the trail and round Bottoms reservoir with Big Ears in the sunshine. Definately a good Cheer Me Up day. :laugh:


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Here's another resurrection for you -

i) don't know

ii) don't know

iii) don't know

iv) don't know
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