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So 12 hours late, found out that my daughter has not got her first or second choice school.
Instead, the LEA decided that rather than the 'outstanding' local school which is 0.9m away from our home, it was perfectly fine for her to travel 5m to what can be charitably called a 'good' school.
She is in the process of being diagnosed with dyspraxia and will get swallowed up by the given school.
Very, very, very angry today. :cursing:


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indeed, as @Sandra6 said appeal and shout the dyspraxia and the problems it would cause to go to this other school and how this would affect her learning and how difficult this would be for her etc etc. and if it comes to it threaten to home school (just because you threaten to doesn't of course mean you have to)
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Thanks guys, needless to say we are going to appeal. Waiting for our SEN letter as well, after fighting her primary school for the past three years over this.

Daft thing is, we're not even on the other school's catchment area, nowhere near it. We're slap bang in the middle of the chosen school area.

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Also, keep tabs and make it clear that you want to be held on a reservation list - we had the opposite with getting my into primary school (we live quite a way from the school our kids go to) but the other half was adamant that she wanted the school (she's mad nuts on research and fell in love with it)). Turned out that there was a chain of people in similar positions, so once everyone had argued their way through, spaces opened up and we got her in. Wouldn’t stand a chance now, so we we're lucky that she was already there, else my son would never have got in - expect other peoples family connections may play a part as well…
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