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grrr I have recently noticed since having a road bike that some cars going past me when im cycling at I guess a fairly past pace people insist on shouting out of the car/van window race you. whats the point in that, it makes me jump for one thing and is well immature hmm guess people have nothing better to do grrrrR:angry:

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Chavs mostly. Ignore them.


That'll be one of the more polite things you might hear. Easier said than done but try not to let it wind you up or get you down.


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Awww ok SP I'll behave ... next time I'll just shout ..."get off the road! you don't pay any road tax" ... you spoil sport :biggrin: :ohmy:

Just ignore them, it's easy after you've heard the same thing "over and over and over and over and over again" .. oops missed out "and over" there!

Enjoy your cycling



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Maybe they want you to take the lead so they can look at your bum:biggrin::evil:

I know what you mean about making you jump though. A motorbike rider was behind me when I was on a steep descent & beeped me as I was pulling out to avoid a parked van, scared the crap out pf me! when he pulled up at the lights I mentioned to him that he had scared me, he claimed i was all over the road & he thought I wasn't aware he was there.


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Mostly psychos

These brainless eejits hope you'll fall off your bike - it's a type of spectator sport for retards. The people who do this are generally 1. fat and unfit 2. Jealous because they're unattractive 3.are taxi drivers on their day off.


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Should have dropped a gear and scalped them...


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Arch said:
I wonder if it's because of that Bran Flakes advert with Chris Hoy where the guy on an MTB says "Race you!"
lol didn't think of that.

funny thing is I always catch them up at the lights then they look pretty stupid:tongue:
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