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I commute daily (10 miles each way) on my Specialized Sirrus Elite and am thinking of getting some SKS Raceblades. Does anyone else use them on a Sirrus? Do they fit without problem? Do I need the Raceblades XL or standard Raceblades?



I've used them on my 06 Sirrus Elite with no problems. I think the ones I got were 35mm wide (AFAIK they come in several width sizes?)

The back guard didn't fit at the brake carrier though, so I had to anchor it to the frame behind the bottom bracket (take your back wheel off to do this bit).

Also, IIRC you don't get the fixing bolts either - the LBS I bought them from gave me a bag full as part of the sale. :eek:

Hope this helps :blush:

[Sorry, just re-read your request - I bought the full mudguards, NOT the raceblades.]

Smokin Joe

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You shouldn't have a problem fitting Raceblades. I have used them and they do the job of keeping your butt dry, not as good as full length guards but ok if that's all that will fit.

standard will be ok for any tyre up to 25mm.
i've used them for the last year or so. better than nothing and i hold them in place with the rubber bands they are supplied with and insulating black tape which has helped to stop them moving and touching the tyre.

I have raceblades on my Allez which is now winter/wet-weather/commuting bike and they work fine.

The back one keeps the cr*p off your back fine.
The front one I found a bit short - go though a puddle and it dumps half of it in your shoes - this was easily fixed by cutting a bit off a detergent bottle and pop-riveting it to the bottom to make it a bit longer.
The major problem is that they don't keep the brakes clean, you get the grit and so on over them, need to clean and lube.

I'd put some tape or old innertube or something on the forks & stays to protect them from scratches, etc.

But why are you considering Blades ?
I fitted proper SKS mudguards to my wife's Sirrus (base model, not Elite) - there isn't the brake-to-tyre clearance on the Allez, but loads of room on the Sirrus even with 28 tyres

Gary D

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If you want the capability to fit and remove your guards quickly and frequently, then Raceblades are the way to go. They can be fitted in less than 5 minutes.

I use them on my Tricross and as has been said, they are not as efficient as full guards but better than none at all!

One other point, that although already mentioned, I found is very important is to protect your frame where the mounting blocks sit. I used mine for the first time and when I took them off they had badly scratched the paint to the point where I had to use T-Cut to get the scratches out. It is a gloss black frame so stood out like a sore thumb and I was not happy :tongue: :?:

My solution was to cut up an old inner tube and put some strips under the mounting blocks which seemd to work OK :biggrin:

Hope this helps.


giant man

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Essex innit?
I have been using RaceBlades for about three years now and they are pretty good, but as the previous poster has already said, you must protect your frame with some tape othewise the mountings will take off your paint.

Protection wise i found they do an excellent job of keeping the wet and crap away from your back and legs :tongue:
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