Rack Pack/Rack Top Bag/Box Bag


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I want one of these:

but I'm having trouble finding them, as I've seen them with lots of different names and searching for most of them just brings up normal pannier bags. Any ideas where I could get one from, in a nice pattern? This picture is from Cycle Chic but they're out of stock indefinitely, and I've found a couple of tartan ones on eBay but they're a bit ugly.


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Not the same but ... I think it looks rather swish! XmrsIS has one: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=38891


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Thanks guys. Basil pannier bags are rather swish, I've asked for one for my birthday next month in a different pattern. I wanted one of these rack pack whatsamajiggers too though for when I have less to carry.

Solty, that's... that's... plain! :ohmy:
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