Radio 4: Today programme sports bulletin

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Nothing is guarenteed to wind me up more than the sports bulletin on Radio 4's Today programme during July.

In today's 8.30 am update we had 'Geraint Williams' riding for Barloworld.

Also, Cancellara was described as the only man in the peloton who could win a TDF stage in such a fashion, even though Vino has done exactly the same thing on the Champs Elysee.

Not even a mention of DM losing the KOM jersey....


not interested

Radio 4 are not interested in cycling
They didn't mention that David Millar was KotM in the first place so it's hardly surprising that they aren't interested in him loosing it :?:


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The Today programme's sport section is a waste of time. It tries to continue the adversarial tone of the programme, seeming not to bother with substance instead looking for 'controversy'. Steve May likes to think he knows about all sports (especially football) but is close to clueless.
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