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    Hi there...first time poster, long time lurker - looking for some advice.

    Has anyone done the tourist version of the Raid Pyreneen? This is a 790km route crossing 28 mountain passes, along the length of the Pyrenees.

    I'm a reasonably experienced road cyclist and I've done a few Etapes and a fair amount of riding in the Alps/Pyrenees, so I'm familiar with the demands of riding the big cols, but I've never done any touring.

    Would it be feasible to do the Raid solo and unsupported? I was thinking of taking a tent and completing the route (West to East?) in 7-8 days, sometime in June.
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    Limoges or York
    Last year 2 of us did the tourist version from East to West in late June arriving at the start by European Bike Express to Perpignan. We had a tent each and tended to go at our own pace, meeting up at intervals. This was just as well as one evening we were a col apart!

    Bikes used were both expedition style with 26" x 1.75" slicks and Mtb gears and finding campsites was no problem except on the 2nd day on the east side when we had to detour a fair way.

    Weather started very hot ( 34C) going down to a wet 8C on the col d'Aubisque with low cloud. At that temp I started to seize up on the descents which wasn't a good idea! The worst descent was the Col de Portet d'Aspet - although it'd be a steep climb for you.

    Judging by what you say, I think you would be quite capable of achieving the ride in normal conditions.

    Port de Pailheres
    Col de Bargargui
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