Rain capes

I want one very much. You watch they'll be the height of fashion next season.


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Some like 'em some don't. They were more in use when people cycled in ordinary clothes as they would cover anything. Also [not including anyone on this forum,I hasten to add], their were less posers about on bikes then.


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Great for utility cycling I used one for seven years to cycle to school. While side winds could wet your windward leg and headwinds were damn hard work, you arrived far drier than you would have done walking.

The big problem was at high wind speed, weather generated by the weather or your own efforts, they act like a sail.

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Cleverhood capes look like the best. That Brooks one is ridiculous. And the Wilkinson one for £9.99 looks terrible.
I've got one of the Wilkinson ones for emergency use. It's okay - not as bad as it looks, except for the fact it doesn't have the loops inside. This didn't cause an issue when I have used it though.


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I want to lose a couple of bikes and build up a round town hack with dynamo lighting and flat pedals (I'm fed up of wearing cycling shoes to the shops/band rehearsal/pub- even if you can get normal-ish looking ones).

For that I want a cape.


I'm quite fancying one at the moment, but I hear mixed reviews.
The older -possibly slower?? - cyclists rate them, the wannabe roadies laugh at them.


I bought one from go outdoors, got it last year and have never used it, was supposed to be for use with the tourer, but didnt fancy turning into a kite with the winds we had on the outer hebs :smile:


I'm quite fancying one at the moment, but I hear mixed reviews.
The older -possibly slower?? - cyclists rate them, the wannabe roadies laugh at them.
I'm looking forward to having one one day so I can mix it up a bit. Getting older by the second, not at all fast but have just bought a new to me GT 3.0 road bike. A cape would be the very thing to ensure I was never mistaken for a proper roadie. (I'm just a fat bloke with a road bike)


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I have a very nice Carradice one. Unlike a lot of rain capes these days it has an inner waistband tie that keeps it from billowing in the wind. Very nice. Still, not for riding across wide open spaces n windy conditions as the drag is a bit much, but for riding n town, and as a waterproof to throw over your street clothes, they are unbeatable.


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I had a carradice one, it was pants, caught the wind too much. And it lifted up in the wind rendering it useless, even with the thumb loops and waist cord, which left me wet and cold. Pretty much need to use full mudguards and the spats. Easier to use waterproofs.
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