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Anybody got one of the Raleigh Airlite road bikes?
I'm looking for a nice road bike for around the £500 mark, this will be my first road bike ever so would rather spend my money wisley.


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Get a Triban 5 instead. Better groupset and carbon forks/seatstays.

I've no actual experience of the bike, but people go nuts for them.


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I've got an Airlite 100 - which I won about 2 months ago. It's an upright ride and seems to be OK but the crankset isn't the best - my comparison is with a Spesh Secteur Comp, which is £1200 however.

Also the BikeRadar review rates it well; http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-raleigh-airlite-100-11-41657

Overall I'd go for something different though at £500 - it should really be about £350, which it's on offer at in some places.


I have the Airlite 100

I haven't got much to compare it to, but generally I'm happy with it

I commute about 18 miles a day on it and it seems to fair well

Don't pay the 500 for it though... I got mine on play.com of all places for around 400. I think I've seen it around for 375 though now...
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