Raleigh sports model 40s/50s


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Tonbridge Kent
Selling on behalf of my boss, I'd have it but it's too small for me
What appears to be an unmolested example bar the missing brake cables and snapped gear cable





Looking for £150, collection from tonbridge Kent


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I don't think that's a 50s bike - looks to me, to be late 30s or early 40s. Most likely, early 1930s - IMO.

If it were mine, I'd contact the V-CC and try and get a proper appraisal.
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I think it's definitely pre-war. Reminds me of the Tyrone Flyer on the Lovely Bicycle blog. I assume the gear lever is a quadrant on the top tube? Can't make it out in the photographs. Would the gear hub not have a date code on it?


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You'd be in a quandary what to do with that bike, if you were fortunate enough to acquire it. At one time, I'd strip the paint off and repaint it, but I now regret doing that a few times. I suppose we now have a better appreciation for patina. My own approach, FWIW, would be to restore it to mechanical perfection, while retaining the external appearance if it's not a complete rustbucket. But it isn't mine, sadly.
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