Random favourite things. ..


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Gavroche's post re new car prompted me...
Irrational things you are attached to, whatever the reason. ?.
Mine is my old faithful Facom screwdriver, about 5 years old, like this one but shorter...

I use it most work days,it fits snugly in the hand, been used and abused but it still keeps giving sterling service.

I'll be gutted when its had its day, but it will be replaced with like for like.

whats yours ...however Irrational ?
A teaspoon that I've had since I was a kid...been to uni with me and five houses since I met my wife...love it but not sure why!!!


I guess it would be my Spear & Jackson shovel..its worn to me and like a extension of my arm..I get very upset when I finally ruin a good shovel and have to break in a new one...my 18' lump hammer Aka the dremel has also been a superb fix or destoy tool.
Still got nearly all the tools I bought when I was training to be a mechanic 33 yr ago.I love tinkering still.
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