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Fellow Riders,

Free to a good home / club / school - "My Cycling Library"

Here is a list of some cycling books that I am donating to the cause (I say some,still, because does anyone really want to read Lance Armstrong: The World's Greatest Champion | John Wilcockson)

Prefer collection from Croydon / Orpington - priority given to acceptance of the job lot, any questions let me know

Title | Author (Format / Subject Area)
PB = Paperback
SB = Softback
HB = Hardback
Grey Text = Reserved
Stricken {?} Text = No Longer Available | Reserved
* = Unputdownable rating
Books, in no particular order are:

We were young and carefree | Laurent Fignon (PB / Autobiography) *****
Wheelmen | Albergotti & O'Connell (HB / Lance Armstrong - their part in his downfall)
Hunger | Sean Kelly (PB / Autobiography) *****
Seven Deadly Sins | David Walsh (HB / Lance Armstrong - my part in his downfall)
Race Against the Stasi | Herbie Sykes (HB / Biographical History (GDR)) *
Pedalare! Pedlare! | John Foot (PB / Cycling History (Italian Cyclists) ***
The Secret Race | Tyler Hamilton (HB / Cycling Expose) *****

My Time | Bradley Wiggins HB Autobiography ***
Fallen Angel | William Fotheringham HB Biography (Fausto Coppi) *****
Tales from the Toolbox | Scott Parr w. Rupert Guinness (PB / Memoir) *
Tour de France Travel Guide | Graham Watson (SB / Travel) *****
In Search of Robert Miller | Richard Moore (PB / Biography) *****
In Search of Robert Miller | Richard Moore (PB / Biography)
Roule Brittania | William Fotheringham (PB / Cycling History (British Cyclists)) *****
Einstein & The Art of Mindful Cycling | Ben Irvine (HB / Cycling Philosophy) **

Sex, Lies & Handlebar Tape | Paul Howard (PB / Biography (Jacques Anquetil)) *****
It's all about the bike | Robert Penn (PB / Cycling, narrative pursuit of perfection) **
The Tour de France | Christopher S. Thompson (SB / Academic Study of TdF) ****
The Tour de France | William Fotheringham (PB / Cycling History)*****
Rough Ride | Paul Kimmage (PB / Autobiographical)*****

Put me back on my bike | William Fotheringham (PB / Biographical : Tom Simpson)
The Bicycle Book | Bella Thorne (HB / Cycling, a narrative celebration) ***
The Yellow Jersey Companion to the Tour de France | Les Woodland (PB / Cyclopedia of the TdF)*****
The Little Black Bottle | Gerry Moore (PB Cycling History / Biographical (Choppy Warburton))*****
The Eagle of Toledo | Alasdair Fotheringham PB Biographical (Federico Bahamontes)*****
Bad Blood | Jeremy Whittle (PB / Expose)*****
The Death of Marco Pantani | Matt Rendall (PB, Biography)*****

Flying Scotsman | Graham Obree (PB / Autobiographical) *****
Eddie Merckx - The Cannibal | Daniel Friebe (HB / Biography)

Racing Through The Dark The Fall & Rise of David Millar | David Millar (HB / Autobiographical)**
A Race for Mad Men - The Extraordinary History of the Tour de France | Chris Sidwells (HB / Historical)*****

Cycle for Life | Nicole Cooke (SB / How to Guide)**
The Foreign Legion | Rupert Guinness (HB / Historical English speaking cyclists in French teams)*****
The Cycling Anthology Vol. I | Edited by Ellis Bacon & Lionel Birnie (PB / Collection of original writing about cycling)*****

The Cycling Anthology Vol. II | Edited by Ellis Bacon & Lionel Birnie (PB / Collection of original writing about cycling)*****

All the best

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Hi Philip. I am surprised you have not been inundated with replied regarding your very impressive library. I hesitated to respond, as I can not claim to be a club, or a good cause. However, I would be very interested in some of the books if they are not snapped up - and if you are prepared to post them (I live in Yorkshire, so it would be too far away for collection. )
I would be interested to read the Jacques Anquetil and Tommy Simpson biographies (heroes of my early teens), the Eddy Merckx biography and also the Lance Armstrong books (as I read his versions some years ago).
If you don't get any requests from any genuine good causes, would you be prepared to parcel them up and send them by post or "Hermes", etc? I would be very happy to pay a reasonable price for the books on addition to the shipping cost.
Thanks, Stew


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I'd be happy to take
My Time
In search of Robert Miller
and Flying Scotsman

pm me with any costs if you're happy to post (I'm lucky enough to live in Yorkshire too)

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