Re-introducing myself, Otley, West Yorks


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Otley, W.Yorks
Hi, I haven't been on here for a while, due to maternity! I have just bought in the last edinburgh bike co-op sale a Revolution Triad 2 (although it's stickered up as the 1, but all the components are triad 2) haven't managed to get out on it much yet, due to kids & work.
Hello! I'm an Otley lad, or I was before I moved away years ago. Have a pint in The Junction for me.:biggrin:


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Mmm, The Junction. Possibly my favourite pub ever. I live in Leeds and, well, just occasionally I get a thirst while passing Otley. It's a terrible death, dehydration, so I avoid it.

Hope you can get out on your bike in this decent weather, and hello.:smile:


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Hi Madmoose,

I often get to Otley either on the bike or for work.

There are a couple of bods from Otley in here.

Maybe see you on a ride sometime.:wacko:

Hi and welcome back. I used to live in Shipley and would sometimes ride over to Otley via Esholt and Guisley. Bit of a hill on the way back. Good cycling country in your part of the world :wacko:
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