'Realistic' tattoos


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I'd never heard of any such thing, but a business connection pointed me in the direction of Cloak & Dagger, one of whose artists is a guy called Joe Carpenter, who specialises in them. Not my sort of thing - indeed, I'm not a big tattoo enthusiast, to say the least. But I still think they're pretty amazing:



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shouldn't that be realistic sh!te tattoos?


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Quite a while back before tattoo TV shows became popular, I saw some TV show that had a segment about this tattoo artist in San Francisco. He was very expensive, only booked a few customers and worked out of some upstairs office in an older building there a few days a week. He did the best tattoos I have ever seen. I am not into tattoos or piercings and such but if I were, it would be by this guy. He did a tiger face, about a foot tall, on someone's back shoulder, it was amazing looking. I tried searching for the guy but I forgot his name and now if you search for tattoo artist in San Francisco on Google you get...well you can imagine what all you will get. I don't remember the name of the TV show either.

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impressive and skilled yes, would i have one no.i i ever have a tattoo (highly un likely) then it will be plain black and blue, personally i don't like these coloured ones, let alone the price :O
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I can never decide whether I should get a tattoo of my face on my arse or my arse on my face.


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Being a dutty punk rocker I have quite friends with full sleeve tattoos and some of them look really good. I decided to do a sort of trial run to see if I could get used to the idea of have an arm covered in tattoos, so one slightly beery evening I invited some friends to grab a permanent marker each and have at it with my arm.

When I woke up the next morning having ruined our only set of bedsheets with inky smears (and having left a reverse imprint of a childlike felt-tip drawing of a Viking riding a roll of toilet paper on my wife's er, 'frontage') I decided that the whole experiment may have been a mistake.
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