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A thread for people to promote websites that are "Really Useful", in the same way the Sheldon Brown and Park Tools are to the cyclist.
Recall there was a great site that sold every kind of light-bulb under the sun that I wish I'd bookmarked.

Anyway, here is one that has saved me a fortune in the past, great info, lots of advice and if you need to call about parts etc. the service is really great.
This is Sheldon for white goods...

Good stuff on the forum as well.

Recommend away guys and gals!

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward for erm, DIY tips / answers, very good. (I was scoby_beasley on there but not used it for a while)
I will remember the lamp (light bulb) site I found and will add it here, bargain prices !!


I found a great site for sim cards - basically tells you the info off your sim no. and the imei no. (mobiles) but've forgot it sorry ! :blush:


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Keith Oates said:
There are some good sites there, now how can I index them so that I know where they are when I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bookmark them with your browser?
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