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Hi folks, grateful for any advice.

Going on a family trip to the west of Ireland, keen to get some cycling in - with the baby there's no room for the bike in or on top of the car; I was just wondering what people thought of rear mounted carriers like;

Bike is carbon so don't want to cheap out if it's likely to cause any damage - would this be suitable? Or any other alternatives? Car is a Nissan Juke with no towbar. Id rather not take the bike if it's likely to get damaged.

Thanks in advance

P.s. hope I posted this in the right section, did a search in case someone had asked the same question and found an old thread (but the links were all 404'd so thought it worth re-asking)


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Just bumping in case anyone has any advice? Will the one I've linked to do the job or is it tat?



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I now have the;

Thule Raceway 3


I have previously had the Saris Bones 3

Both the Thule and Saris are great racks and the market leaders. The Saris is strong and light, the Thule is strong and heavy. I got the Thule used for £100 and its my favourite, I prefer the built in ratchet straps which keep everything tidy whilst easier to mount. You can lock the anchor controls which stops people being able to fiddle/remove. The bike lock is crap and useless though. The larger footprint of the Thule seats better against the car but, I have had both around 147mph and they have been fine, so I'm being picky! The seat post securing mechanisms are a massive welcome feature on both racks.

I would recommend getting a flop stop bar though to stop the handlebars/wheels flopping around. I have got around this by using a re-usable cable tied around the front wheel/downtube with a cloth between to avoid marking.
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That Decathlon model is identical to the Halfords offering that I have, and mine has been absolutely stellar. I've carried one carbon road bike plus one aluminium road bike to events a couple of hours away and it's been rock solid. 3 bikes is a squeeze but it's doable. You're not going to damage a carbon bike using this carrier, it's nicely padded where needed.

It comes with straps to stop wheels rotating so no worries there, and it would fit something like a Juke perfectly.


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Cheers chaps, only just seeing the replies for some reason that's really appreciated:notworthy:


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If you're bike is of value, don't cut corners with the bike rack. Decathlon do some very good things, but I would look to Thule as others have suggested.

I have some Thule Aero bars, which allow me to fit roof boxes, bike stands or other bits up there which have been absolutely genius. If height is your worry then I guess go tollbar or boot door but don't go cheap.

Have a look at and if you're looking for a bargain, check ebay too. Sometimes someone not far from you has a model you want, at a slightly cheaper price in good nick.

If you do go roof, you'll need the right feet for your car (unless your Juke has bars or rails fitted).


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I don't like boot mount racks. My son has bought one, it's not good - told him he needs more padding on it before he takes bikes on it again. Weight on body panels not designed for it.

I'm roof racks - look <<<< Saloon car, 4 big trail MTB's, loads of boot space (old Nissan Primera). We also have a Qashqai, and I'd not be wanting to put 4 big MTB's up on that's rails. I'd need a step ladder.... OK fuel efficiency isn't good, but had 90 mph with the bikes up there...

Jukes are as tall as a Qashqai, but very small inside.

Let's say, our MTB weekends in Wales have had bikes transported by traditional saloon cars, no hatches..... ! Sooo untrendy... :laugh:
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