Rear hub and freewheel


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Hi, I have a GT outpost (2010) and the freewheel is broken. I would like to change the hub to a shimano m475, my question is will this hub work with existing cassette (shimano cs- hg-30-81) or could I go for the newer replacement hg41 and how easy is it for me to do myself

Tim Hall

The M475 is, as far as I can tell, a complete rear hub. If you really want to change to this, you'll need to rebuild the wheel. However, you say that the freewheel is broken, suggesting that only a part of the hub needs replacing (correctly called the freehub, not the freewheel).

To replace the freehub you need a cone spanners, chain whip, lockring tool and most likely a 10mm allen key. You need to take the wheel out, remove the axle, cassette and then the freehub. Fit the new freehub and put all the other bits back on. Make sure you don't have any left over.

See the Park Tools website for more words and pictures. Here.


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Thanks for replying to this. The hub is not the best and when the same thing happened on my 6 month old bergamont the guys in the shop ended up putting one on, it did take a while to do. I have a jig and a dti to true the wheel back up. I just thought it might be better in the long run to upgrade the hub a little
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