Rear Wheel - Need Help!


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Hi There - I'm admittedly a newbie, so apologies in advance!

My rear Wheel was stolen from my bike, and I'm trying to purchase a new wheel, with a cassette, without spending a fortune.

Im really trying to figure out exactly what I need so I was hoping someone here might shed some light?

My bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. I've attached pics of the specs of the front wheel - I would like the wheels to match somewhat! I've also attached pics of the rear derailer - Believe it's 8 Speeds (Clicks 8 times - again - a newbie!)

Any advice here, without venturing out to a bike shop - looking for a project!


Believe it's 8 Speeds (Clicks 8 times - again - a newbie!)
I would guess if it clicks 8 times, it's 9 speed (8 changes to get from 1 to 9).

But the shifters should have a model number somewhere on them which will tell you.


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It’s 26”. You should be able to find an Alex rim with a suitable nine speed hub, probably Shimano, maybe Deore? Or get a bike shop or wheel builder to lace one up for you.
If you want something bargain basement I think Decathlon have some in that size, cassettes too.
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That's a Shimano Deore LX RD-660 which is a 9 speed rear derailleur, so I'd imagine you have a 9 speed system - do your shifters have a display on them to indicate this?

For the wheel, ebay is likely to be a good choice, I found this in about 2 minutes.


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There is unfortunately no visual indicator, but when I shift with no wheel on, there is definitely 8 Clicks in both directions. The Bike is not a Mountain Bike per se, but it's a Road (touring) bike.The option you sent looks like a good one, but I'm in the US and it doesn't seem to be avail. I'll dig a little more on e bay. You all are hugely helpful.
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