Rearview mirrors?

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Iv seen some people have these on they're bar ends,does anyone here use them,any good?or not really practical?cheers.


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What is wrong with looking over your shoulder? I can see that mirrors can be useful for a quick look behind when in heavy traffic, but looking over your shoulder also sends a signal to the traffic behind that you are thinking of doing something.
Thought a mirror might have been a good accessory for a long trip. It lasted about 20 mins; I was so pi$$ed off with all the vibrations and the difficulty trying to make things out on the small surface area, so I chucked it and relied on the old tried-and-tested method of looking over my shoulder! ;)
It depends on the mirror

A lot depends on the mirror.

I use either the Mirrycle:

or the Cyclestar:


I started using a mirror on a recumbent and missed one as I got used to it.

Both of these are solid and stable enough to be useful tools. The preference is the Mirrycle, but for folding bikes and racing bikes, the smaller size of the Cyclestar and the different arm lengths makes them more adaptable.

Mirrors are NOT a replacement for looking over your shoulder prior to a manoeuvre or approaching a hazard, but do have an important contribution in general riding to increase your awareness of what is behind you.
There is a guy on my commute uses a mirror attached to his helmet, he is also about 7ft tall and looks quite a character.

I do without a mirror, as HJ says I like to send a message by looking over my shoulder.
I have this on the shopper/potterer


(if it's fastened tight enough it's possible to hold the stem - like a barend)

This one on the TREK700 (longer rides and touring)


Due to be replaced with one of these later this week

as they seem to be a good idea in that they can be folded out of the way better. I still use 'the lifesaver' (though it's a bit painful at times due to a touch of 'Arthur' in the neck and shoulders) but being able to take a glance in the mirror helps keep me informed as to what's going on behind most of the time - bit like driving the car. No problems with vibration (unless it's a very rough surface) and now I've had them on for over four or five years I don't think that I'd like to go without them.


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I use a mirror and find it useful. I started using one to keep an eye on Mrs Blue as I was always dropping her when we went out together. As time went by I started to use it on solo rides as I found I missed it when I removed it from the bike. I have found that the mirror can be knocked, or vibrate, out of position on occasion but the minor inconvenience is outweighed by the usefulness


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I have used one of these Blackburn mirrors (about £9)


It comes in a few different fittings for different kinds of bars. I found it very useful touring on narrow roads as you become aware of slow traffic approaching and can slow at passing points without stopping to allow people to pass.

I tried the round cateye one but the fixture was a bit flimsy (coming loose often) and the stalk which is thin, eventually bent.
Mirror ordered from UK Bike Store at 4pm on Tuesday. Posted (1st class) to me on Wednesday, arrived 9am post today. Took less than 5min to fit and adjust, road test shows no vibration at all. Rear view is better than the other mirrors (though the actual size of the new one is slightly smaller) and there's no sign of my right arm on the left of the mirror. Good positive click stops but flips out of the way easily if it gets a knock, and will click back into the same place as before. The mirror surface isn't quite as good quality as the other two, but it's not noticable in use. I'm well pleased with it - going to order one for the shopper. Total cost inc postage and vat = £10.95.

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whilst stuck in traffic this morning (yes even on a bike the tube strike caused me havoc) I got chatting to a chap with a very nice bike, who apparently used to race for Jamaica, anyway I digress we were talking about the general scaryness of London roads sometimes and he told me about this helmet that he got from the USA that had a rear view mirror built into it, when I finally got into the office I did a bit of surfing and found it, have to say it looks rather ingenious
Anyone ever seen or tried one of these babies? I'm definitely interested and am hoping they might have them at the London Bike Show this year so I can have a proper look.

actually looking at all these reviews they all seem pretty dated (around the 2001/2002 mark) so no wonder I cant find an awful lot on them in this country, guess they never caught on..


seen this debated on motorbike forums

they didn't like it, you need pretty decent rear view to be able to rely on it in any way at all

'never trust your mirrors' is a useful maxim


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Yeh I have to admit I tried a handlebar mirror out a while back, and just didnt feel safe relying on it and not just looking back like I normally do..
I am a gadget freak so am frequently sucked in by the promise of something shiny...


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I seem to remember these rearview helmets on an invention programme on discovery some time ago i think,cant remember its name,but looks like they produced them anyway.I like the idea as a way of quick checking whats behind you ,but still keeping your eyes on the road.Its a pity i dont wear a helmet yet?
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