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"Don't sit down on public transport in East London"- insect expert.
Anyone hear this, about 06.40 today on Today- Radio Four.

It may be connected to global warming, a flea and bed bug epidemic is raging through London and anyone sitting on the seats on tubes or buses in the east of the capital runs the risk of carrying unwanted visitors home. The "Listen Again" feature on the BBC Radio 4 website is down but may be up later:

It's at about 06.35-06.40

An explosion of bugs!

Making me scratchy just thinking about it...


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I was lying in bed listening to that this morning, made me sit up and start scratching. Ewww.

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this may sound like a windup but i've been train ridden for the last week due to BOTH bikes being out of action [:blush:] and i've noticed spots etc developing on my back+legs and havent been able to work out the reason!

I think i might walk home! :o)


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This is going to sound icky,but when i jumped on a bus to get home one night,i sat on the front seat behind the driver,nothing else available.When i got home i noticed a dirty toilet sort of smell,and realised my trousers where damp,when i checked,it smelled like a mixture of pee and poo.I didnt even attempt to wash em,straight in a bag and binned.:biggrin:


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Oh and on some of our buses,when you open the door to change the destination,loads of midges fly out,i feel itchy for ages,or until i get the bus changed,which they try not to do,just depends how firm you are with them.
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