Reborn cyclist from Warwickshire saying Hi


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Hi all. I've just returned to cycling this year after a lay off while raising a family. I used to race in my youth but now tend to go at a more sedate pace. The mind is willing but the body won't cut it anymore! lol Restarting cycling in your 50's is a shock to the system, I can tell you! :sweat: I ride a Carrera Subway Ltd but hoping to add a couple more bikes to the stable eventually, probably a road bike, and probably a B'twin :smile:. As you can tell by my choice of bikes, I'm not a bike snob but would still love to own a Pinarello Dogma 2 if money were no object (which it is) :sad: The main thing that amazes me now is how technology has transformed cycling since I last rode in the 80's.


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Hello and :welcome:
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