Recommend a rack bag!

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I am looking for a rack bag for general commuting, which when removed from the bike looks OK to carry around town. I've had a look on Wiggle - I wasn't inspired - it may be that such an item does not exist. Ideally I'd like it to:

Cost less than 50 quid
Be easy to attach/detach from the bike (clips? Velcro? I've seen them with velcro but is it strong enough?)
Be about small laptop bag size or smaller - but maybe a bit deeper
Be waterproof/resistant, or come with a cover
Have a shoulder strap and handles
Have small pockets and a larger main compartment
Look OK off the bike when carried by a girl.

Too much to ask?? Can anyone recommend one?




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Porto, Portugal
I have the 2008 or 2009 version of the Vaude Cycle 30. It is maybe bigger than what you want and also more expensive.
It is a pannier that converts into a backpack and lets you carry a 15'' laptop. Usually I carry in as a pannier in my hand, but if I need to walk considerable distances I convert it into a backpack. It includes a rain cover and the fixing system is fast and easy.

It seems that there is now a smaller version (Cycle 25) for about 60£, but I only did a quick search. Maybe you can find a better offer (if it serves your needs):
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