Recommend a wireless bike computer WITH wireless cadence?

Daniel B

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I have a basic wireless cycle computer which works fine, but fancy one with a cadence setting as well.

I nearly went for this:

And then decided that a wired cadence sensor was not what I was after.
Even the top end systems seems to have wired cadence - any reason for this?

Seemingly the best value I can find is this:
With this:
So £50 all in, which isn't too bad I guess.

Anyone have experience of VDO products, can't say I have ever heard of them.

I just wondered if I am missing anything obvious, or any other makes that have both wireless cadence and speed?

Incidentally, my existing computer won't be wasted, I intend to fit it to my mountain bike.




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I have a Mavic Wintech computer with wireless speed and cadence. The wheel sensor is in the quick release lever which makes for a neat installation, and the computer is designed for stem mounting to keep your bars free. The cadence sensor sticks out from the seat tube and looks quite vulnerable, but I have had no problems in about three years use. I would recommend it (if it is still a current model).At the time I was looking Cateye also introduced a double wireless system - I think they had models with either cadence or heart rate; might be worth a look.


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Have a look at the Sigma BC1606L DTS too - you can buy it with or without a wireless cadence sensor. Ribble have both versions on offer at the moment, and the DTS/CAD is £35.

Daniel B

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The Sigma is looking favourite at the mo, especially at £35!

Andy - the Mavic looks ace, but is a bit more pricey, but not too bad at £51 with the wireless cadence option:

I like the idea of it fitting on the stem - do you think it will fit on a 100mm one, and I love the skewer idea, very nice and neat.
Oh yeh, and it's black and yellow.......

I don't quite get what you mean re the cadence sensor sticking out from the seat tube, presumably you have a magnet and transmitter down by the bottom bracket/crank arm, so why would you need one on the seat tube - don't suppose you have a pic?

One more dumbass question for you, can you change the speed to mph from kmh?

Many thanks

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