Recommend Fast&Comfortable 28mm-32mm Road Tyre for Hardpack?


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The bike I got comes with schwalbe marathon plus 25mm, The ride isn't the nicest when you hit some hardpack paths or bad tarmac nor is rolling resistance.

Can anyone recommend some good tyres that are suitable for very light off road (bad tarmac/ hardpack paths/very light snow) has got excellent Rolling resistance and specially GOOD comfort levels? ( durability is important as well of course). I do not need off-road tyre, but something that will at least handle some light bad roads/conditions.

Looking for something that comes in 30-32mm real life size as that's the max my frame will take. (want the bigger width for more comfort and ability to run them at lower pressures)

I have heard that the GP 4000S II in 28mm size comes up to like 31mm in real life and are very very good rolling

What are some other as good/better tyres for such purposes and that comes up in larger sizes like the 30mm-32mm?


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Durano raceguard for me, come in 28 and 32mm. I wouldn't use any slick tyre personally in frosty conditions
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Have a look at theMichelin Endurance range. I have used these tyres in there various forms for the last eight years in there various forms airways size 23c. Can’t comment on sizes above this as my bikes will only accommodate this size with mudguards. I will try 25s on my carbon bike asi can’t fit gaurds.

Can’t remember when I had a puncture.Oh dear that’s the kiss of death.


The GP 4000 SII roll nicely but are quite a soft rubber compound and cut/puncture readily on less than perfect tarmac. I've recently moved to the GP 4 Seasons version but have yet to really push them so can't give much feedback.


Challenge Paris-Roubaix PRO 27mm - mine came up nearer 30mm. Very comfy.
Ran 25 & 28mm Conti 4 Seasons for a while, but always thought I had a puncture due to the high TPI flexible side walls and then, rather too often, I did actually have one. Moved to Durano Raceguard which were good, and then to 32mm Marathon Supreme, which I rate highly for lowish weight, low rolling resistance and nice ride, good wear (negligible after 1600 miles) and puncture resistance (zero p's). I've used them on gravel tracks around the Elan Valley without any issue as well as our normal knackered lanes and B roads. They run true to size on my MasonXHunt Four Season wheels.
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I have some Bontrager Hardcase lite,in 32mm. They are ace...
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