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Recommend Me A Hat

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by cosmicbike, 31 Dec 2016.

  1. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One.....

    As per the thread title really. I don't wear a helmet, and when it's warm I wear a baeball cap, when it's cold I wear a beanie type hat. My current one is being drawn into dog walking and DIY duities so could use a replacement.
    Anyone have a recommendation?
  2. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

    I've just got a Vulpine beanie one from their sale. Very warm.
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  3. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

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  4. Rustybucket

    Rustybucket Über Member

  5. Drago

    Drago Guru

    I wear a German army cap on the bike in the more wintry weather. Goes well with the Lycra.
  6. CanucksTraveller

    CanucksTraveller Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

    Hitchin, Herts
    Lowe Alpine mountain cap: A favourite with military servicemen for many years now because it's waterproof, breathable, and keeps the entire head and ears warm and dry without bulk and without making you look daft. I've had two.
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  7. r04DiE

    r04DiE 300km a week through London on a road bike.

    I only wear cycling caps. Get a cycling cap. :smile:
  8. andrew_s

    andrew_s Veteran

  9. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this..........

    I think something like this will be eminently suitable (the leggings are perfect for cycling too!).....


    The cape might appear to be a problem but I find it causes no trouble at all once up to speed. ^_^
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  10. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Tilley T3
  11. MichaelW2

    MichaelW2 Über Member

    Deerstalkers are very effective for winter cycling and can match your trousers and jacket.
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  12. Bonefish Blues

    Bonefish Blues Über Member

    52 Festive Road
  13. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    You may have to move this thread to the "Helmet dungeon" now, but according to Tilley:

    On a more serious note......., there is no finer hat than a Tilley
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  14. Goggs

    Goggs Veteran