Recommend me some MODERN Funk

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Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
I love a bit of funk or funk fusion mixed in with rock or reggae or any other genre.

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops
The Cat Empire
Devendra Banhart
Fela Kuti
Newen Afrobeat
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What MODERN funk or funk fusions can you recommend?

(I’ll let you get away with any of the older stuff if it’s good.


Not So Special One
North Yorkshire
Anderson Paak is worth listening too, pretty funky imo.
Bruno Mars, a bit more pop but funky.


North Shields
Craig Charles is a great shout, made a lot of discoveries thanks to him, my favourite being The Hot 8 Brass Band.
My apologies Heltor, got a bit self indulgent with my choices and completely missed the point of "modern funk" in your original post.

Unfortunately most music since the late 70's has passed me by hence my choices were old records.


I’d suggest Trombone Shorty and, given the rockiness of some of the op’s favourites, Street Sweeper Social Club, too.

No links to videos ‘cos I’m a techno Luddite :sad:
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