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I'm currently running Fulcrum racing 7's and I've not exactly had a good experience with them. The rear has had several hub problems and the wheel now continues to break spokes and go out of true (depite being fettled numerous times by the LBS).

It now looks like I've been given the go-ahead to splash some cash (approx £150-180) on a new wheelset.

Fulcrum 5's are in reach at this point, although my experience with the 7's is causing me some misgivings about Fulcrum in general.

Other options are low range Eastons, Planet X or Shimano.

Any thoughts/alternatives on these? Or alternatively can anyone recommend a good wheel builder in the West Yorkshire area who would be able to do something decent for this price range?

Oh, and the wheels have to survive daily commuting on less than ideal Kirklees roads, all year round, carrying someone best described as "solidly built".


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Racing 5's - rock 'ard!

Seriously, Ive got some that I commuted, trained and raced on for two years, through all sorts of weather, including floods, and on Sheffield's smooth blacktop, and they are still bang on true, not had a single problem.


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I am running Mavic Aksiums, so far so good and seem to get good write ups. If you shop around they can be bought below your budget rrp is £190 but i got mine for £129.
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