England : East Yorkshire Recommended Rides?

Sorry if this is old news to everyone on here but I just came across these Big Skies riding routes around East Yorks so thought I would share -


Once I get my new CX bike (hopefully later this month) I'm going to be looking to do plenty of long evening and weekend rides, pref on quiet lanes and off road on railway lines, maybe even through the odd wood etc so if anyone can recommend any other routes in East Yorks that would be much appreciated. I live in Cottingham and work in Hull so those are ideal start points for me but train to Driff/Bev/Filey etc is all perfectly do-able and I will be able to fit a couple of bikes in the back of my car if need be but would prefer to avoid that where possible as it precludes a nice couple of pints of ale en route.

Also, does anyone own either/both of these? Struggling to see what the difference is and whether one is preferable to the other -


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