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Elder Noodlette started track cycling a few months ago and is now looking at getting some rollers. Eck very kindly loaned me his rollers for her to use until she gets her own - I agreed if she saved her pocket money then I'd pay half for new rollers.

Any recommendations for decent rollers which won't have her saving for ever? She gets £5 per week but also has a birthday coming soon and has asked for money rather than presents...


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I have these

and find them perfect, I only use them once or twice a week. They are extendable (as are all of them I guess) to fit different bike sizes and are quite compact in their smalets form. I'm sure I only paid about £90 from Wiggle when they had one of their offers on (£20 off £100 spend) but that was 6 months ago.


I have the Tacx Antares too. Easy to set up. Good quality for the money, and relatively easy to get used to, as they're conical. Although that may be a problem, as after a month or so they can seem too easy (i.e. boring like a turbo). I'd still recommend them though.
Paid about £94 IIRC from Ribble with one of their 'discount' weekends.
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