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    However it's achieved then yes "a proper bike fit" is always a plus cyberknight.

    Looking at the picture of your bike and referencing that geometry chart with a 73 degree seat tube then normally I'd expect to see the saddle further back on the rails; potentially this would be something that is at least worth further investigating. With a steep seat tube we struggle to get the rider back behind the bottom bracket, when it's further forward our 'core' is not engaged, something we call "Body mass representation" or "BMR".
    Body mass representation.jpg
    In effect when we are to far forward our core does not support us in the same way, so we actually end up having to support ourselves by holding onto the handlebars. One good way to see if 'BMR' is correct is to set your bike up on a trainer, hold the bars in your normal cycling position then simply place move your hands behind your back like that picture of Colin from Spa Cycles below, to quote Colin "Holding your position without touching the bars doesn’t require any gymnastic ability."
    You will be amazed how many fits I've done where the drive behind having the fitting in the first place is a bad back. Often the rider has concluded that they must be over reaching, to reduce the reach the logical thing to do is move the saddle forward. They will often initially look at me in horror as I move the saddle back, a look that often morphs into a smile when it instantly feels better.

    The same can apply when the drive behind having a fitting is purely that they know they have got a good bike, it's not damaged in any way yet somehow it just doesn't feel as good or handle as good as it should do. When we are more in balance with the bike, which is what we are referencing here with 'BMR', it not only aids comfort, but how the bike responds when we are on it; win win really.
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    I know KOPs is a myth, my current set up is 4 cm behind BB which gives me KOPs as far as i can tell.Trouble is convincing swmbo that £100 is a good price for a fit .LBS wasnt interested, club members i have asked seem to think im not far out .
    I was going to buy a la vie claire jersey for my birthday but thats been shelved as i have to take the extended family for a meal instead at my expense.
    I tend to ride arms bent on the hoods a bit like this
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    For your birthday? :wacko: Tell them you don’t want to go out!
  4. cyberknight

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    Big 50 next week , booked the week off as i had planned to ride swmbo has got paint and brushes lined up.
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