recording my commute on my andriod device


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Hi thought I'll record my commute on my phobe, using a couple of apps. But my average speed and pace verys on both apps. I currently use endomundo and runtastic road bike. I might try strava tonight. I just thought what app is more accurate, if any one knows


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They all vary. Just stick with one. Not as accurate as a Garmin though


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Another vote for Endomondo here. So long as the phone's GPS is solid, Endo will record it. There's an app called GPS Status by MobiWIA that's great for diagnosing GPS issues, but my top tip is don't put your phone in a front pocket if you're a big fat dense bloke cos you're body will block signals.


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Been using endomondo for almost 4 years, never had a problem with it, my phone location varies from chest pocket, saddle bag, rucksack or stem, phones have also changed over the time too as I said, never had a problem and seems highly accurate with relation to speeds and topography etc (Google maps and OS maps checked along with my brother riding his motorbike along side of me)
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