Recording ultrasound scans


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The bit that struck me in the article was this para:

"It says that, as well as the risk of diverting the sonographer's attention at the point when they most need to concentrate, there could be legal complications if an abnormality is recorded by the scan, but not reported or acted upon."

Translation: we don't want anyone to have any evidence against us if we make a cock-up!


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My boy recorded his unborn son when his wife had a scan, then mixed it with a Lionel Ritchie track and posted it on the internet for all of us to see! It was fantastic! It made the thousands of miles between us seem a little less and our unborn Grandson a little closer.
They paid for the scan so it was there's to use as they felt. In fact the lady doing the scan asked them to come back again a week later to get a better view of Baby's face.


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I had a laugh at that bit too Spinney, but they've got a point. If the parents to be pay for it themselves (like Slowgrind's son did) then I don't see the problem, but when you're getting a scan on the NHS you shouldn't get to faff around and increase the time that they have to spend on you because you're busy filming what is actually a medical check - they're looking for abnormalities remember, not whether he's got his dad's nose.
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